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Eye testing in Thorold ON

Thorold ON eye doctor
Thorold ON eye doctor

If your eye develops a sudden problem, it is important that you immediately come in to see our eye doctor at our vision practice and optical store, Eyewear Studio. Our Thorold ON eye doctor can provide you with a complete eye exam and determine the exact cause of your eye problem.

There are certain vision problems that indicate it is important that you see our eye doctor right away. If you experience blurred vision, eye redness, unusual eye itchiness, a sudden increase in a number of floaters, sudden headaches, sudden vision loss, or unexplained eyestrain, you will want to make an appointment to see our Thorold ON eye doctor. You may either have an eye infection, or symptoms of a serious vision problem. For example, if you have eyes that are red and itchy, you can have keratitis. Keratitis is an eye infection which can be caused by wearing infected contact lenses. Sometimes patients will touch their eyes without washing their hands; this is also a common way that patients can develop this eye infection. It is important that keratitis is found early because if left untreated it can go on to cause permanent vision problems. However, as with many eye problems, keratitis can often be easily treated when found early, and the patient will not need to experience any permanent vision loss. Blurred vision can be a sign of dry eye, or can be a sign of a more serious eye condition including diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma. The sudden increase in the number of floaters can mean that you are developing a retinal tear. Sudden vision loss can be a retinal detachment. Not all retinal tears need to be treated, but it is important that you are seen by an eye doctor so that this determination can be made.

For an appointment to see our Thorold ON eye doctor, simply contact us today. If you are experiencing sudden vision problems be sure to let our office staff know that you need an emergency appointment.

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