Thorold contact lenses

Thorold Contact Lenses

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Thorold contact lenses
Thorold contact lenses

When it comes to all your eyewear needs, you can depend on us because it’s what we do. So for contact lenses, you know that we carry a huge selection in both brands and types for you to select form at Eyewear Studio.

Why go with our Thorold contact lenses over eyeglasses? For one thing, if you would like to leave your facial appearance unchanged, that’s one point in favor of contacts. In addition, no one knows that you’re wearing corrective lenses unless you decide to tell them so. The way that contacts provide vision is more natural than eyeglasses, as well. That’s because they touch your eyes, while eyeglasses have to angle light into your eyes to correct your vision. And finally, your ability to see unhindered from side to side (your peripheral vision), is far greater with our Thorold contact lenses. The level of comfort has never been better, either. Lens technology has benefited from numerous advancements. But the one who benefits most of all is you. And if you had ever heard that you can’t get the same degree of sharpness and clarity as you do with eyeglasses, let us set the record straight on that right now. Contacts today are every bit the equal to glasses. We have a stellar reputation for only carrying the most respected and trusted products, so it should come as no surprise to find out that we feature brands such as Bausch & Lomb, CibaVision, CooperVision, and Vistakon. Our inventory has both soft and rigid gas permeable varieties. That means options such as daily wear, extended wear, disposable, and color changing, as well as toric and multifocal. Yes, even astigmatism is addressed optimally.

Reach out to our office and make an appointment to come in for an examination prior to getting our Thorold contact lenses.

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