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Your eyes are valuable to you and that’s why we at Eyewear dedicate ourselves to keeping them strong, healthy, and seeing as well as possible. It is recommended that everyone have an eye examination once per year. Our Niagara Falls optometrist will check your vision to determine if you may need new corrective lenses or possibly an update of your existing prescription. In addition, you will be screened for common eye diseases, such as glaucoma, cataracts, and others. Most eye diseases take hold and progress without providing you any warning signs or symptoms in their early stages. A yearly eye examination allows any such eye concerns to be detected and addressed before they can cause problems, some of which may not be reversible.

Eye Doctor Niagara Falls

Eye Doctor Niagara Falls

Your vision changes over time and if you currently wear eyeglasses or contact lenses and it has been more than a year since you were last examined, you should come in to be checked. An outdated prescription does not provide you with the level of vision that you could and should have. If you don’t currently wear glasses, that situation may have changed. Visual issues such as farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism can be easily treated with a simple prescription from our Niagara Falls optometrist. Why struggle with reading material or squint when trying to read that menu on the coffee shop wall when you could be seeing with much greater ease and clarity?

Your eye health is another big reason why an eye examination is so vital. Baseline tests, like tonometry for glaucoma to measure your internal eye pressure and a slit-lamp exam for cataracts are not invasive or painful, but they help our Niagara Falls optometrist to ferret out potential concerns before they become problems. Your eye muscles, eyelids, all all the other key parts of your eyes will also be examined for any abnormalities or issues.

An eye examination from our Niagara Falls optometrist can even detect possible health concerns elsewhere in your body. The blood vessels in your eyes may indicate the presence of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or diabetes. Yet another good reason to call us today to make your appointment.

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