Niagara Falls Children's Eye Shop

Niagara Falls Children’s Eye Shop

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Children’s Eyewear in Niagara Falls

You will find a wide selection of children’s eyewear available when you come in with your child for an eye exam and to get a pair of glasses for him or her. We consider it important to give kids the choices that fit them well, and that match up with their preferences when it comes to style, shapes, and colors. Here at Eyewear Studio, we are dedicated to providing outstanding products and services for all our valued customers of all ages.

Your child will get a lot out of seeing better thanks to vision correction. Nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism all leave her or him with a challenge when it comes to school work, social interactions, use of computers and mobile devices, sports, and much more. At our Niagara Falls children’s eye shop, we have the solutions. It begins with a visit for a complete examination by our pediatric eye doctor. Your child will be asked to read from an eye chart, or if he or she is not old enough to read, we can substitute a game that offers similar results. Once our pediatric eye doctor has determined the ideal prescription and writes it out, you can then depend on our Niagara Falls children’s eye shop to make the lenses that will correct her or his vision accordingly. All that remains is for you and your child to select a pair of frames to go around those lenses. And with options from some of the most well known and trusted designers in eyewear, it won’t be difficult to find something that your child is excited about. In fact, the only hard part may be narrowing down all those possibilities to just one.

Just use the appointment tab on our website to request a convenient time to come in with your child. Or you can call us if you prefer. Either way, our Niagara Falls children’s eye shop looks forward to helping you both.

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