Niagara Falls children's eye exam

Niagara Falls Children’s Eye Exam

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Pediatric eye testing in Niagara Falls

Your children should see a Niagara Falls children’s eye exam for pediatric eye testing on a regular basis. Your children’s first exam should be as early as when they’re nine months old. A vision test done at the pediatrician’s office is not enough. An eye exam done by an eye doctor is needed to be able to detect subtle problems such as amblyopia; which is a serious since it causes vision loss.

If your child has a vision problem, it will not only affect their social life; an undetected or untreated vision problem will also interfere with their ability to learn in school. Therefore, it’s very important to get any problems addresses right away. When it you’re dealing with something as important as your children’s vision, you can’t accept anything less than the best. If you’re looking for an exceptional Niagara Falls children’s eye exam, you’re in the right place. Your children will be in good hands at our practice. Our eye doctors at Optical Outlets perform high-quality comprehensive pediatric eye exams. We have highly-trained and experienced eye doctors who can determine the overall health of your children’s eyes and vision through the eye exams. If your child has a refraction error such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, our eye doctors will provide them with a prescription for corrective eyewear. Our expert optometrist, lens and frame experts will all ensure that your child receives corrective eyewear that suits her needs. They’ll assist you in getting eyewear that corrects her vision, is aesthetically pleasing and that is within your budget. We have numerous discount as well as many attractive designer frames to choose from. We love to save our customers money. Be sure to check our website for our current specials.

If it’s time for your child’s eye exam, don’t wait. Call us to schedule an appointment with our Niagara Falls children’s eye exam today.

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