Kids eyewear in Niagara Falls

Kids Eyewear in Niagara Falls

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Seeing an eye doctor regularly can help ensure that all the members of the family continue to enjoy optimal vision including your children. Experts recommend that children have a comprehensive eye examination conducted by an eye doctor by the age of three, younger if the parents suspects that there may be a problem.

Regular yearly eye checkups are important for all the members of the family but especially for children to ensure that their eyes are developing normally and that their vision is strong and clear to help promote learning. There are some signs that your child may be having a problem with his/her vision and may benefit from kids eyewear in Niagara Falls from our optical shop. Signs of a potential vision problem include: squinting, covering one eye or tilting their head to one side, sitting too close to the television, difficulty in school, frequent headaches, frequently rubbing of the eyes, trouble reading, or holding reading material too close. If you notice any of these signs bring your child into our office and let our doctor evaluate whether the behavior is a sign of a vision problem. Many vision issues with children are easily remedied with glasses or activities that train the eyes; other conditions are more serious and need to be attended to as soon as possible.

Should your child need kids eyewear in Niagara Falls our practice will properly fit any prescription to the best frames for your child. From a simple vision correction to complex lenses to correct more severe vision problems our doctor will make sure your child has the proper glasses and will monitor his/her vision to make sure that the prescription is enhancing their vision. The optical shop carries a wide range of eyewear for children. For young children it is important that the frames are unbreakable and that the lenses be resistant to scratches and that the complete eyeglasses are light but strong and fit the child’s face properly. We stock kids frames from many designers. Our optical shop also carries a large selection of children’s sunglasses as well as safety glasses for participation in athletics. So, bring your child in for a checkup and let our doctor evaluate their eye development and vision.

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