Eyeglass store in Niagara Falls

Eyeglass Store in Niagara Falls

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Getting the right eyeglass prescription in Niagara Falls

Eyewear Studio is a one stop eyeglass store in Niagara Falls. We want our patients to be taken care of and feel satisfied with their eye care, which is why we always make sure that you have the right eyeglass prescription before you leave our office.

If you wear glasses already and are experiencing any headaches, call us, because you may need an updated prescription. If there are vision problems present after your exam, we will prescribe corrective lenses for new patients. Corrective lenses can help you see better and enhance vision. Patients may prefer either eyeglasses or contact lenses for their corrective lenses. We stock both designer and budget frames, name brand contact lenses and more. We carry budget frames for those on a budget and who need something more economical that can fit their budget and price points. Our glasses come in prescription or non-prescription sunglass types. All of the prescription sunglasses at our eyeglass store in Niagara falls come with 100% UV rated protection, as do our non-prescription brands. UV protection helps to ward off the sun’s harmful rays that cause skin cancer, cataracts and other eye diseases. Sunglasses should protect eyes, as well as the skin around the eyes with full protection against the sun’s dangerous rays.

Call today to find out more about scheduling appointments, or visit our eyeglass store in Niagara Falls today to schedule your first appointment for an eye test or vision test. We also have consultations with our eyewear staff, and can help you pick out your first pair of glasses. If your prescription has expired, come in so that we can issue a new one and make sure nothing has changed. Patients can contact us online, and also check out our eyewear styles. Connect with us on our portal for more information and to read about our services.

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